Artists In Residence

The Dr. Éva Kahán Foundation regularly hosts artists in Tuscany, Italy, as part of its own Kahán Artists in Residence Programme.

It provides the opportunity to selected young (1980 and after), entrant, (primarily) Central European fine and applied artists to work in the studio of Villa Tosa di Sotto in San Sano for 1 month in April. A maximum of three artists may stay at the villa at any given time, who receive a grant of 1,250 euros and have access to the local studio and a vehicle. During their stay in Italy, local staff assists the artists in their everyday lives. The studio is next to the guest house and an olive grove. If they wish, the artists may take part in various activities, such as harvesting grapes or olives. Thus the artists engage in local life, while their work defines the artistic spirit and image of the place. Because of this, we kindly ask every participant to reciprocate this by donating one of the artworks created there to the collection of the foundation as a memento.

The application period for the 2023/24 Kahán Artists in Residence Programme ends on 15 October 2023.

San Sano

The name of San Sano originates from the name of Christian martyr Ansanus, who was a member of the Roman Anicia family. San (meaning Saint) Ansano later became San Sano. It probably used to be a fortified settlement with a small tower and a church, which paid tithe to the Pope as early as 1276–77.

After centuries of wars, castles and forts were usually transformed into farming residencies where they started growing grapes between the native oakwood and chestnut grove.

Villifranchi’s 1773 account on Tuscan wine says the following on the home of the finest Chianti: “The Chianti region spreads across 30–40 miles, and the best wine is produced in Ama, Broglio, Castellina, San Sano and Cacchiano.”

The application documents required for the 2023/24 season have to be submitted in electronic format, sent to by 15 October 2023, up to maximum of 25MB. We are unable to accept large e-mails.

Applicants have to attach the following informative documents:

  • curriculum vitae
  • a portfolio of their own work
  • letter of reference (a signed letter written by the recommender - professor, curator etc. - specifically for this application)
  • a copy of their driving licence (valid for passenger vehicles, applications are accepted only from holders of a valid driving licence)

Applicants agree to donate at least one of their artworks created as part of the Kahán Artists in Residence Programme to the foundation.

Applicants agree to document their work conducted in the studio, and agree to their activity being communicated through the various media of the foundation.

The foundation will sign an agreement with the selected applicants in advance, in which the deliverables and conditions of the foundation and the obligations of the participants are documented in written form.

The Dr. Éva Kahán Foundation requires the participants of the Kahán Artists in Residence Programme to promote and respect human rights, especially minority rights, in their professional and private lives alike.