Kahan Art Space Budapest

The Dr. Éva Kahán Foundation has been operating a contemporary art gallery in Hungary since 2018, as part of the Kahán Art Space Budapest support programme.

The programme is primarily open to young, not yet established Central Eastern European fine and applied artists, who are provided the opportunity to showcase their artwork to the public.

The aim of Kahán Art Space Budapest is to promote an international creative discussion across the borders, to create the space for quality artwork and artistic impulses, and to provide an opportunity for interesting gatherings and connections for artists of Central European countries.

The support programme plans to organise approx. 10 exhibitions a year, for which the artists are selected by the Foundation's board of trustees.

Partners of Kahán Art Space Budapest:




Richárd Matisz

Attila József: Consciousness (detail), 1934

Like a pile of hewn timber
the world lies heaped up on itself,
one thing presses and squeezes and
interlocks with the other,
so each is determined.
Only what is not has a bush,
only what will be is a flower,
what is crumbles into fragments.
(Translated by Michael Beevor)


Biljana Durdevic

The Dr. Éva Kahán Foundation is pleased to present the first solo exhibition of Biljana Đurđević in Budapest.


László Csernátony Lukács

There is a famous techno club in Berlin, converted from a WWII nuclear bunker. It's bomb- and nuclear-proof.


Labrosse x Murakami

What happens when a French-Hungarian and a Japanese-Hungarian young, talented artist join forces?


Andreas Greiner

Andreas Greiner (Aachen, 1979) explores the sculptural quality of biological processes by playing with the limits of form.


David Merenyi

A street, a house, a car. Rural buildings, homes, their surroundings and what they tell us about society and social differences. This is the subject of the exhibited pictures.


Juraj Florek

Florek is a 100% urban plein-air painter, his idealism motivates him to reinterpret plein-air painting and adapt it to the current post-industrial landscape.


Kata H. Jancsó

'My face is a mask only. How I feel, keep it a secret. - I command him this.'

Ancient Mohawk song


Dia Zékány

For almost a decade, the artist has been dealing with the 21st-century issue of accumulation, gathering stuff and the resulting clutter.



Dia Zékány

For almost a decade, the artist has been dealing with the 21st-century issue of accumulation, gathering stuff and the resulting clutter.


Nóra Juhász

It was the documentation of reality what she was interested in, but reality is, though, fragmented, chaotic, and totally subjective. It changes as we change our viewpoint.


Mónika Üveges

It’s been a while that the artist’s interested in Anthropocene as a geological borderline, the disappearance and series of catastrophes, powers that are liberated by destructive human activity and that are placing everyone and everything on a crossroad.


Flóra Kőszeghy

The paintings of Flóra Kőszeghy look for new ways of abstraction. Compositions at the border of the concrete and the abstract, playing with recognizability, achive their effect by involving the viewer.


2 in Solitude
Márta Balla, Kata H. Jancsó

Márta Balla and Kata H. Jancsó spent a month in January 2020 at the Dr. Éva Kahán Foundation’s Artists in Residence Program in Tuscany, Italy.


Zoltán Kovács

Zoltán Kovács wants to show and express two important moments of his sculptural work. On the one hand, he wants to present Constructive Creation Methodology, which is well thought out and is key for each step (from the first structure sketch to the bronze sculpture). On the other hand, he wants to demonstrate how a form can be modified by diverse, different materials.


A different black
Pallavi Majumber

Pallavi Majumder is a painter and installation artist from Kolkata, India. She likes to experiment, often breaking out of the limitations of two-dimensional paintings and occupying space as well.


Horváth Csilla

Csilla Horváth graduated from the Hungarian University of Fine Arts with a degree in painting, though she has focused already on spatial solutions in her works before graduation.


Róna Emmy’s drawings
Róna Emmy

Róna Emmy's drawings exhibition and auction in support of the Igazgyöngy Alapítvány/ Foundation. Support campaign started on December 13, 2019 in Kahan Art Space.


Differences of classes
Buj Zsófia, Drótos Dominika, Kovács Pécskay Emese, Liksay Csenge Gyopár, Matisz Johanna, Márton Dominika, Takács Flórián, Veenstra Csenge

The exhibition entitled Osztálykülönbségek "Class Differences" consists of the art works of second- and third-year painters at Attila Szabó's department of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts. The focus of the exhibition is on the presentation of diversity and the question of how the works of young, beginning painters fit into certain tendencies of contemporary art.


Spatial Cuts Vol.2.
Flóra Kőszeghy

Flóra Kőszeghy’s paintings look for new ways of abstraction. Her compositions are at the border of being concrete and abstract playing with recognizability, achieve their effect by involving the viewer. Kőszeghy's intention is to override the boundaries of architecture and fine arts.


Everything will be fine
Daniel Labrosse

To the artist, “Everything will be fine” serves a blunt, mantra-like purpose, something we all say to ourselves in order to make us feel that everything will turn out okay, even though we know deep down that that’s not going to happen.


Orsolya Kecskés

The exhibition has nine stops, summaries, moments.
Special raw materials, the search for perfection, demonstrative, almost indecent pieces according to the standards of the profession prone to strictness, as they contain undervalued, slightly despised raw materials with artificial sockets.


Kata Jánosi

In her pictures Kata Jánosi wants to portray childhood, memories, personal spaces, insecurity, the constant search for a way.


The New Alchemy
Tomasz Piars

“The New Alchemy” presents a selection of new artworks created by the Polish painter, Tomasz Piars.


Kaszás Réka, Pető Márk, Halmi-Horváth István, Kucsora Márta, Regős István, Kondor Attila, Jakatics Szabó Veronika, Tomasz Piars, Romvári Márton, Sándor Krisztián, Gesztelyi Nagy Zsuzsa, Gilly Tamás, Haász Katalin, Cseke Szilárd

Twelve years ago, two couples decided to organize a creative camp for mostly young artists. Since then, a lot has happened to painters and sculptors. Their vision has changed, their technique has evolved, they have developed their own style, they have reached new themes, there are those who are in the meantime a constant actor of foreign art-fairies, and there are also those who are not working. In this exhibition, we are looking for answers to questions like what are twelve years in art enough for?


Márton Romvári

In his work, the natural forms of the micro and macro world are presented as a kind of simplified essence, and the merging or separating elements are layered on interacting levels to become spatial.


Proposal and requirements

Kahán Art Space Budapest provides the following to the participating artists:

Beyond providing the venue, Kahán Art Space Budapest takes upon itself the transportation of artworks to and from the exhibition venue, as well as the cost of the opening show including its promotion and catering costs. The documentation of the exhibition will be published on the foundation’s website, and it will be included in the annual publication on the foundation’s activities.

Participants of any Dr. Éva Kahán Foundation programmes are required to respect human rights, especially minority rights, and the freedom of art.

Call for Applications

Please send us an informative introduction of your previous creative work together with your curriculum vitae and an actual proposal for the exhibition. The proposal must include the following:

  • a short description of the exhibition
  • a presentation of the works (a maximum of 5 typical paintings/sketches/photos)
  • planned time of the exhibition
  • information on the material and technical requirements (e.g. technical installation) necessary for the exhibition.

Artists are selected, and the grant amount is decided by the board of the foundation based on the submitted documents, after a personal interview.

Please send the documents only in Hungarian, English or German to

Kahán Art Space Budapest is looking forward to receiving your proposal!

The exhibition space