Marton Romvari

"The harmonious unity of curves, lines, and layers characterizes the paintings now exhibited at the Kahán Art Space Budapest. Márton Romvári's abstract works reveal external and internal worlds, micro- and macrocosms, which convey the experience of the spatial dimension starting from the plane representations. Vigorous gestures and intense processes come to life, fed by pulsating energies. The dynamic trends in the development of forms that can also be found in nature are broken down into their elements from interconnected motifs. Within the image fields, these create the impression of fragmentation, yet they emphasize the possibility of creating unity again. The forms formed from the fragmented lines enter a discourse with the works' receivers, guiding the viewer's eyes to guess the entanglements constructed from the bars. So, the imaginary extensions of the shapes appearing in the paintings are created during the interaction of the receivers. The rules given by visuality also assume a kind of temporality, so the images unfolding in the present, before our eyes, can also be interpreted about human connections and interactions, which can also depict their entire events, from the experience of the first meeting to the separation reunion.

The eternally curious and experimental Romvári was born in Budapest in 1975 as a third-generation artist. In 2001 he graduated from the painting department of the University of Fine Arts in Budapest. Since then, he has constantly been looking for opportunities to transition between different genres of fine art. An artist who also looks towards sculpture and plasticity, his current exhibition at Kahán Art Space presents novelties within the genre of painting, not only in his oeuvre but also in the history of contemporary painting. The ever-renewing artist changes his painting method and style every few years, creating his works with a fresh approach according to his own rules. Starting from the organic and geometric abstract tradition, he builds on the antecedents of both domestic and international painting, moving from reductionist and expressive modes of expression to the representation of lines and curves, then to their disintegration and re-entwining. The fog-like spots appearing on the inner image fields create cosmic spaces that can be interpreted simultaneously as microscopic units or as horizons showing infinity. Various rasterized or rubbed layers with a pastel effect are applied to wooden boards or canvases with acrylic and oil paint, which open up horizons and emphasize the striking, often brightly coloured mists and the shapes that appear in them. The relationships created between lines, points and curves in the interior image fields often suggest faces and anthropomorphic gestures, bringing the viewers closer to the paintings. The surfaces bearing robust graphic and even calligraphic features have an apparent painterly effect characterized by the refined elegance of abstraction."  Réka Fazakas


Photocredit: © Réka Hegyháti


Opening times: from Tuesday to Saturday | 1 pm - 6 pm