Anita Frech and Misa Marek

The Éva Kahán Foundation is pleased to present at Kahán Art Space Budapest:


Anita Frech & Miša Marek

The idea of presenting the artists Anita Frech and Miša Marek in this exhibition is based on a fundamental similarity of their works: though they differ greatly in the media they work with and though their discourses are not alike, they coincide in the use of photography as an exercise of self-expression and it is this fact that guides the direction of this exhibition, where – jointly with photography – different formats such as film and drawings are presented.

Photography is the most direct medium any artist has at his or her disposal. Compared to other traditional media it represents – by virtue of its immediacy – the form of self-expression per se. Nowadays the mobile devices allow such immediacy that the production and circulation of images of peoples´ daily environment has increased, leading to a proliferation of new forms of self-representation. On viewing the photographic images, it is fascinating to ask who is behind the camera and how they reflect the author´s thinking. By means of the images, the viewer attempts to discover the symbolic meaning or the message of the reality that is portrayed.

The exhibited artistic works by Anita Frech and Miša Marek cultivate forms of self-expression with very different results; while Frech´s work is easily associated with the languages of cinema and fashion, Marek creates photographs with traits that approach a rather literary universe.

Curator: Pia Jardí


Anita Frech (*1973) lives and works in Vienna.

Miša Marek (*1979) lives and works in CZ and AT.


The exhibition is open from Tuesday to Saturday, 1 pm – 6 pm.

Opening: 8 September at 6 pm.