Dániel Nagy

The Dr. Éva Kahán Foundation is pleased to announce the exhibition Dániel Nagy - THE CURVATURE OF PERCEPTION, which opens on 8 June at the Kahán Art Space Budapest.

Dániel Nagy was born in Szolnok in 1994. He graduated from the sculpture department of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts, where his master was Zoltán Karmó. For his diploma work he received the Tamás Vígh prize for the best sculptor diploma work. He has participated in numerous national and international exhibitions (in Poland, Slovakia and India). His works are in private collections and in the archives of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts.

His work deals with the role of gesture in sculpture. Unlike in painting, where gestures are captured in their lightness and momentaryness on the medium, in sculpture the capture of the simplicity of gesture is more technologically challenging. This is why he makes much of his work in wrought iron and seeks to preserve the traces of sculpture. These uncreated, random gestures, which are created during the making of the sculpture and which allow the material to work on its own, help to give the sculpture a unique and unrepeatable form. At the same time, Dániel Nagy attempts to investigate what is the minimal, smallest gesture that is enough to transform the raw material into a sculpture.


The exhibition runs until 8 July at the Kahán Art Space Budapest. 

Photos by Réka Hegyháti