Labrosse x Murakami

What happens when a French-Hungarian and a Japanese-Hungarian young, talented artist join forces? They create exciting, unique works of art, the likes of which are rarely seen in Hungarian painting.

Patrick: "The title of the exhibition refers to things in everyday life. I have chosen themes that represent aspects of everyday social life, whether it is a modern-day reproduction of a painting from 1500 in digital pixels or current issues related to the environment and human rights."

Dani: "I see the paintings in the exhibition as diary entries. I illustrate the routines of everyday people, taken out of space and time, with wall-white figures that resemble ancient Greek sculptures. While Patrick deals with larger social themes, I focus more on how these social themes are experienced and processed by the average person."

Daniel Labrosse was born in Budapest in 1997 and has been animating and drawing since childhood. He had his first exhibition in 2015, at the age of 18, at the Tesla.Kult gallery in Budapest. In 2016, Tate Modern in London presented one of his illustrations and since then he has participated in several exhibitions in Hungary and abroad. His style is influenced by comic books from the 70s and 80s, retro cartoons and artists such as: Keith Haring, Hieronymus Bosch, Charlotte Salomon and Grayson Perry. One of his main themes is how the individual can exist as an essential part of a larger community without conforming.

Patrick Murakami was born in 1998 in Japan. Since early childhood he has been interested in drawing, painting, design art and fashion history. His style is characterised by a pop-art visual art direction that is outside the rules. In painting, he has been influenced by prominent figures in American pop art culture such as Jean-Michel Basquiat, Andy Warhol and Keith Haring. During his travels in America, "street art" was a particular motivating influence on his artistic activity. The subject matter of his paintings is often inspired by the impact of social and political events or by the emotional state of the moment.

The two artists will donate all the proceeds from a jointly selected work to the "Igazgyöngy Foundation", as they are both fighting for equal opportunities and the eradication of child poverty.