Yuriy Musatov

The My Explosions project has a very tragic social colour and personal connotation. Yuriy Musatov uses the visual «petrification» of dynamic structures, a frenetic movement that leads to a priori destruction. However, in this case we are dealing not so much with this «frozen destruction» as it seems at the first glimpse, but as the need to rethink the moment of it.

Yuriy Musatov claims that his project is also about dreams and reality. Often, we are afraid of nightmares, worrying that they might come true. Yuriy Musatov has been seeing nightmarish war dreams of explosions and destruction since childhood and has begun to translate them into reality in the form of sculpture. Today, in the time of war, these sculptures are a reminder of the link between a terrible dream and an even more terrible reality. They also remind us that it is worth listening to ourselves, to our intuition. Because many people were able to somehow foresee the upcoming monstrous events, but not so many people were able to believe.

Yuriy Musatov gives us the opportunity to rethink the moment that precedes the destruction – that very tiny second before.


25 - 30 July 2022 / 1 pm - 6 pm

photos by Réka Hegyháti