Josipa Krolo

„Postseason series of paintings deals with gentrification of my home­town Split, Croatia as a consequence of post-conflict privatization crimes after break-up of Yugoslavia, following a complete reliance on tertiary sector of economy – tourism.

Split, 1979. The Koteks complex has been completed, as have the Poljud public pools and the Poljud football stadium; an underground railway tunnel has been opened from Kopilica to the city center. Split 3 is nearing completion… The city is being built, according to plan, for its citizens.

Split, 2019. So many apartments for rent you can hardly find an actual home among them. 70,000 new beds have been secured for private accommodation, the rising number of yearly overnight stays is celebrated, while I write this in my parents' home, saying my goodbyes to Split.

How much longer will citizens be treated merely as extras in the production of ''the Mediterranean As It Once Was''? Will tourism take a turn for the sustainable? What will remain written in the concrete? How about in the population census? And will my name be on it?“

The series on display at Kahan Art Space consists of 7 diptychs / 14 paintings. In addition, you can watch the video Postseason, which follows Josipa Krolo around her home studio and the locations that inspired and inspired her series of paintings Postseason. The visual language of the film follows the structure of Krolo's paintings, creating a meditative mood with minimalist and clean framing and an introspective approach. The Postseason video was produced in close collaboration with painter Josipa Krolo and photographer and filmmaker Glorija Lizde.


Josipa Krolo

Josipa Krolo (Split, 1992) studied at the Facultat de Belles Arts at Universitat de Barcelona and at the Arts Academy of Split where she obtained her MA in 2018. She had several solo and group exhibitions both in Croatia and abroad: solo show Postseason (Gallery PM, Zagreb), JADRAN – Croatian Artists in the Cultural Summer (Kunsthalle Trier), 6thBiennial of Painting (House of Croatian artists, Zagreb), Art Zagreb (Technical Museum Nikola Tesla, zagreb), Adorn (1831 Gallery, Paris), Independent Biennial (Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana), 35th Youth Salon (Meštrović pavilion, Zagreb), Crisis is a great opportunity (Salon Galić, Split), AIR4 (Ravnikar Gallery Space, Ljubljana), The Graphic Art Biennial of Szeklerland (Romania), Bridges: New image (Lauba, Zagreb), Family of No Man (Arles, France), Bridges (Street Gallery, Belgrade). She is a member of Croatian association of artists. She participated in The De/construction of the Painting, art residency in Leipzig and Cite des Art Paris residency. Winner of ArtConnect Unseen Award.


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Photocredit: ©Réka Hegyháti