Kaszás Réka, Pető Márk, Halmi-Horváth István, Kucsora Márta, Regős István, Kondor Attila, Jakatics Szabó Veronika, Tomasz Piars, Romvári Márton, Sándor Krisztián, Gesztelyi Nagy Zsuzsa, Gilly Tamás, Haász Katalin, Cseke Szilárd

Twelve years ago, two couples decided to organize a creative camp for mostly young artists. Since then, a lot has happened to painters and sculptors. Their vision has changed, their technique has evolved, they have developed their own style, they have reached new themes, there are those who are in the meantime a constant actor of foreign art-fairies, and there are also those who are not working. In this exhibition, we are looking for answers to questions like what are twelve years in art enough for?