Gergő Kósa

Story in top view

Gergely Kósa creates pictorial memories of his birthplace in Bulcsú street 21/a, a condominium building in the XIII. district of Budapest. The turbulent history of the house almost depicts the bloody and turbulent period of Hungarian history in the 20th century. Citizens and the persecuted, fear of death and indifference, hiding and spiritual fulfilment were all present in this house built on the outskirts of Angyalföld and Újlipótváros. Kósa's paintings, drawings, photographs and frottages take a sensitive approach to the past and present of the place where he lived. His works are characterised by sociographic thoroughness and subtly objective depiction. We see the present-day residents – they could even be past residents – the spaces, the corridors, the hallway of the house, often from above, to get the best possible view of them. Familiar and important people (such as Lajos Kassák, who lived there for a time) and members of Kósa's family also appear.  Sometimes realistic, even photo-realistic, at other times illustrative in approach, but there is also a strong conceptuality to the work. We sense the genius loci – the spirit of the place – but also the absence of those who lived in it. An exciting, multi-year undertaking, Gergely Kósa's series is an unfinished story – like reliving history.


István Sinkó

visual artist, art writer