David Merenyi

A street, a house, a car. Rural buildings, homes, their surroundings and what they tell us about society and social differences. This is the subject of the exhibited pictures. Nowadays we tend to raise awareness of mankind’s environmental pollution, though these works are trying to appreciate a positive trait of humanity: our ability to create a home out of a simple lodging. The exuberance and multicoloured forms of reality inspires me, which is in perfect harmony with imagery, drawing and painting. The summer houses, the „Kadar Cubes”, the farmhouses all possess a distinctive aesthetic, revealing something about the inhabitants, they are a sort of portrait of the owners.

Since the 1960’s Cube houses are features of the Hungarian villages. Apart from being the reminiscence of an era, they bring a familiar feeling for today’s man. This familiar feeling is associated with midday sun, a long and maybe everlasting summer. It reminds me of the „vita quotidiana” - the everyday life which fits so well with realistic representation, like how a bush or a sunlit pavement is able to convey a unique vibe through the paintings, through my eyes.