Csenge Lantos

The Dr. Éva Kahán Foundation is pleased to present the solo exhibition called “The Carousal of Memory” by the Hungarian visual artist Csenge Lantos at Kahán Art Space Budapest.

“Sometimes one resembles an egg floating above the aether and other times one is a dog meandering in it’s past who now and then becomes a flaming house without windows in the night at the confines of the village by the cornfields it was brick-colored and trimmed with three steps before it’s entrance with a small ante-room and checkered tiles in the kitchen with a wall tapestry behind a wooden bench and upon it sat Hansel and Gretel with a clock above the door in front of which a child would stand for ten minutes when asked to tell the time and a living room with a red quilted chaise longue on which fevers would be tamed with a cold compress and a broken cross above it which was not yet broken back when father made the little table beside the chaise during his girlhood and the curtains which are gray instead of white with a floral print beside a heavy escritoire with a toy placed high on top of it if they would quarrel in the smaller room with the bed in which two children sleep and a cupboard with a parrot print whose door must be closed to let the streetlamps reflect their amber streaks of light onto the wall and between those streaks grew nightmares of empty black spaces and two people by a shattered window and glass shards on the carpet as the family comes home to a quiet dinner in the front yard with the elderberry faced with the apple tree which had been devoured by hairy caterpillars along with the carrion buried beneath surrounded by loud neighbours whose children they’d coalesce with at the end of the street bordered by the wheat and corn bounded by the ditch with lilacs for Mother’s day“ | Csenge Lantos


Side events during the exhibition:

12 April | 7 pm – Master and student discussion with József Baksai and Csenge Lantos. The discussion will be moderated by Fruzsina Mizser.

20 April | 7 pm – Csenge Lantos: BUY, BURN or STEAL (interactive exhibition inclusion, will be held in Hungarian)

28 April | 7 pm – Domonkos Benyovszky-Szűcs: Understand the contemporary!


Graphic design: Ferenc Forrai