LVIV DIARY - drawings from the war
Vlada Ralko

The Dr. Éva Kahán Foundation presents Vlada Ralko "Lviv Diary – drawings from the war" at Kahán Art Space Budapest.

"Ideas are replaced by propaganda slogans that facilitate the inhuman and sadistic genocide of Ukrainians. It is the artist's job to speak his own language and also to speak out. I make these pictures during the war because I don't want to be silent." - Vlada Ralko

Vlada Ralko (*1969, Kiev) is considered one of the most influential living Ukrainian artists. She studied at the Taras Shevchenko Art School and graduated from the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture in 1994. In addition to working in traditional genres, Ralko frequently publishes writings reflecting on the events of everyday life with extraordinary artistic and moral rigour. Her most significant series, “Kiev Diary” - begun during the Majdan Square protests - is regarded as one of the most important works of contemporary Ukrainian art. 

When the Russians invaded Ukraine in February 2022, Ralko and her husband Volodymyr Budnikov were forced to relocate as refugees to Lviv. “Lviv Diary” is a continuation of her previous series “Kiev Diary” and features 64 drawings by the artist. The exhibition includes five original works which the artist managed to carry with her during her flight from Ukraine. The rest of the works are high quality digital glicée prints which have been reproduced as unique editions and are signed by the artist herself. The works will be available for purchase during the exhibition, with the proceeds donated to Ukrainian volunteers clearing mines left behind by the Russian aggressors.

Ralko's work has been exhibited at the Lincoln Center in New York, Miami Beach, the Dallas Art Fair, as well as in major galleries in Germany and Austria. The artist’s work is also currently included in the exhibition “Last Minute Ukraine” at the Venice Biennale. Her exhibition at the Kahán Art Space Budapest will be her first in Hungary.

The exhibition "Lviv Diary - drawings from the war" opens May 5th 2022 at 18.00 in the presence of Vlada Ralko by Péter György, aesthete and university professor. It runs until May 17th at the Kahán Art Space Budapest.


In addition to the exhibition of Vlada Ralko in Budapest, the Dr. Eva Kahan Foundation is proud to be presenting a solo exhibition of the works of the Polish-Roma artist Malgorzata Mirga-Tas at its second dependance in Vienna. Mirga-Tas is currently representing Poland at the 59th Venice Biennial.

“Screen Test” runs until May 15th at the Kahán Art Space Vienna, Grosse Pfarrgasse 1020, Vienna.