Juraj Florek

Florek is a 100% urban plein-air painter, his idealism motivates him to reinterpret plein-air painting and adapt it to the current post-industrial landscape. He does not shy away from difficult environments, or from selecting locations such as dysfunctional “Stalker environments” with industrial architecture, or the seemingly unobtrusive corners of the present-day city. He is a painter seeking their unadorned truth. At the same time his painting represents the honest „celebration of everyday life", which explores his social environment and his joy of life in the city.

Juraj Florek spent the month of February 2021 in the atmospheric wine region called Chianti /Tuscany Italy/ under the Kahan Art Residency programme. During this intensive month he produced 18 canvases, which are all displayed at this exhibition.

SAN SANO POLIS is an easy title, as fresh as the paintings created directly on the location. The title is a play on words, making the picturesque village of San Sano sound like a big city. SAN SANO POLIS also refers to a passionate urban plenerist who found himself in a rural setting for a month.