Kata H. Jancsó

Masks are one of the oldests of the human archetypes. They can be found in countless forms in all cultures, separating the boundary between the spirit world and human existence. In ancient times and religions, accessing to the spirit world could only be done by shamans and priests wearing ritual masks. In the new age, masks have became a symbol of human psychology and the entry into the psyche.

"The world of masks has been an interest of me personally for quite some time. They appear in many of my works, in a variety of shapes, concepts and materials. In my art the ’invisible’ personality masks we wear personify the lost parts of our psyche, emotions that we suppress or even our own animal insticts - of which we do not want to accept, acknowledge in our present society. In my own personal development and self-knowledge journey, I encountered in various ways these parts of my consciousness, which were then reborn in the form of these works." Kata H. Jancsó