Andras Mohacsi

In 2012, András Mohácsi created a series of drawings with a personal touch in memory of people killed in the Holocaust. The ink drawings trace blurred faces on paper. In the drawings we see human faces, old, young, women, men, all of them hanging on the surface of the paper, some wearing talis, others in civilian clothes. They are drawings, some almost a perfect portrait, others just a blurred face. A large selection of more than 200 pieces is on show for the first time.

Each of the drawings is in a different frame, emphasising the uniqueness of the former individuals. On Tuesday evening, 17 January 2023, Kahan Art Space commemorates the liberation of the Budapest ghetto on 18 January 1945 with this exhibition commemorating the victims of the Holocaust. The exhibition was opened by Lajos Parti-Nagy.

photocredit: © Réka Hegyháti