Daniel Rycharski

Daniel Rycharski, born in 1986 in the small village of Kurówko in Poland, focuses his work on rural areas, their history and traditions. As a result, his work occupies an autonomous place in the latest trends of Polish art.

Rycharski works at the interface of different social and political contexts, critically exploring the tensions between urban and rural Poland, LGBTQ* rights, and a politically active Catholic church in an era marked by the rise of conservatism, nationalism and right-wing populism in Poland. Rycharski often draws directly on religious symbols and transfers them to his personal world. In so doing he addresses the close relationship between political and religious power in the country, their intolerance, and latent anti-Semitism. 

Rycharski repeatedly harnesses the potential of artistic participation for his social debates. Rycharski's artistic strategies thus include installations in public urban and rural spaces, into which he incorporates the community, its language, craft, and history. 

Curator: Kasia Matt-Uszynska


*Abbreviation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer