Launch of the billboard campaign “NEVER AGAIN IS NOW!”

The Dr. Eva Kahan Foundation, entrepreneur Sandra Berkson, and personalities from the worlds of art and culture are taking a stand against anti-Semitism in Austria.

On the occasion of the terrible terrorist attack by Hamas in Israel on 7 October and the resurgence of anti-Semitism since then, especially in Austria, the Dr. Eva Kahan Foundation would like to send a signal of solidarity with both the victims and the people still held hostage by Hamas with the campaign "NEVER AGAIN IS NOW!" and at the same time call for more sensitivity and commitment against anti-Semitism – especially in the arts. The campaign is supported by numerous people from civil society who are also active in the arts and cultural sector.

As part of the global #BringThemHomeNow initiative, 24 posters and BigBoards with the message "NEVER AGAIN IS NOW!" and the faces of the hostages, most of whom are still being held by the terrorist organisation, have been put up in Vienna and the surrounding area since the beginning of December to kick off the campaign. Further activities are being planned.

The initiative is supported by well-known personalities from the world of art and culture, including the actor Cornelius Obonya, the writer Doron Rabinovici, the actress Katharina Stemberger, the cultural manager and former museum director Danielle Spera, the former Kunsthalle director Gerald Matt, the writers Olga Flor and Sabine Gruber, the composer and president of the Austrian Society for Contemporary Music (ÖGZM) Morgana Petrik and the composers Norbert Sterk and Johannes Maria Staud.

The initiative is financed and organised by the non-profit Dr. Eva Kahan Foundation, which has been committed to freedom and minority rights, access to education and an open society for years and is also present in the art scene with art spaces in Vienna and Budapest, and the entrepreneur Sandra Berkson (SABER).

The billboard campaign was presented to the public and the media in the presence of numerous supporters on Friday, 1 December at 10 am in the Art Space of the Foundation in Vienna (1020 Vienna, Große Sperlgasse 37).

“The terrible terrorist attack in Israel was followed by an unexpected and tremendous antisemitic wave. Our foundation actually supports socially disadvantaged law students and artists from the CEE region in accordance with its principles, but we believe that we cannot remain silent now. We would therefore like to give a public platform to all those who want to set an example against terror and anti-Semitism.”
Sandor Feldmajer, Chairman of the Dr. Eva Kahan Fondation

„When we say "NEVER AGAIN IS NOW!" today, it is important that we also say that there is no room for a BUT in this context. October 7, 2023 is a turning point that cannot and must not be followed by a BUT, because otherwise we will all be lost.“
Katharina Stemberger, actress

"We want freedom for all Hamas hostages, so that all of Israel, so that the entire world is no longer hostage to murderous jihadism. So that Jews, Christians, Muslims and even non-believers can live in peace, security and dignity, the slogan should now be: “Bring them home! Let my people go! Am Israel Chai!”.”
Doron Rabinovici, writer

“It is unacceptable that the Jewish cemetery in Vienna will be desecrated in the fall of 2023, that windows of Jewish stores in Vienna will be smashed, that "Death to the Jews" will be shouted at rallies in Vienna. We are all called upon to stand up and say: “NEVER AGAIN IS NOW!”.”
Danielle Spera, cultural manager and former director of the Jewish Museum Vienna

“An art industry that promotes a climate of demonization of Israel and uses post-colonial anti-racist pseudo-morality to disguise anti-Semitic folklore agitprop art as criticism of Israel must be resolutely opposed.”
Gerald Matt, cultural manager and former director of the Kunsthalle Wien

“I support this initiative: Because every human life counts! Nothing can justify the cruelty and cynicism of the massacres, rapes and kidnappings by Hamas! People must neither be used as shields nor taken hostage. "NEVER AGAIN IS NOW!"
Olga Flor, writer

“As a result of the Israel-Hamas war, the free world and its institutions are being put to the test: are the events being judged objectively, based on facts and free of ideology, or are double standards being applied here?”
Morgana Petrik, composer and president of the Austrian Society for Contemporary Music (ÖGZM)

“Each and every one of us can personally and resolutely oppose the hatred against Jews that is currently swelling from every direction worldwide, especially on our own doorstep. Let's do it!”
Norbert Sterk, composer

“I refuse to accept that anti-Semitism is tolerated in any way on our streets, in our backyards, in our country. Regardless of whether it comes from Islamist, right-wing or, more recently, left-wing quarters: anti-Semitism is disgusting and makes me angry and sad at the same time. We must take a firm stand against it: “NEVER AGAIN IS NOW!”.”
Johannes Maria Staud, composer